Swamp Rabbit Prehospital Medicine Conference

This week to celebrate EMS Week, I had the privilege of giving a few talks at the Swamp Rabbit Prehospital Medicine Conference put on by Prisma Health and the University of South Carolina School of Medicine in Greenville, SC.

It was a well-run and attended conference with a great lineup of speakers. Besides myself, there was Scott Weingart holding a Q&A panel on ED and critical care, Dr. Ben Abo talking about the Surfside condominium collapse and crotalid envenomations, Wook Beltran talking about blast injuries, and oodles of other distinguished physicians and other subject matter experts lecturing on myriad topics.

They had an excellent lineup of vendors as well, and all for only $50 per attendee.

If you’re within 150 miles and this conference isn’t on your list to attend, it should be.

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