The Handover: Call For Submissions


I am honored to host the Christmas edition of The Handover blog carnival.

In the great tradition of Grand Rounds and Change of Shift, The Handover is the only blog carnival out there dedicated to EMS and Emergency Department professionals. If you’re an EMT or medic, ED nurse or physician, it’s your stories we want to hear.

The theme for this month’s edition is “The call that made the shift.”

Unless you’re extremely lucky or brand new, every emergency medical professional has pulled a holiday shift. Doesn’t matter if you’re a nurse working a busy ER all night on Christmas Eve only to go home dead-tired and wake the family to open presents, or the medic who left his family on Christmas morning to post on a lonely street corner somewhere, or the firefighter who spent the holidays with his surrogate family at the firehouse, or the doctor managing the madhouse that is the Emergency Department on New Year’s Eve – we’ve all been there, and done that.

What I want to hear about are the calls or patients that made that sacrifice, if not worthwhile, then at least tolerable. Be they funny, or great war story material, or the co-worker who reminded you of the reason for the season, or the patient who reminded you why you got into medicine in the first place, those are the stories I want.

Deadline for submissions is midnight, December 18, and I’ll post them by noon on December 23.

Email me the links to your submissions at [email protected], and I’ll do my best to send you an Ambolanche.

So get to writing, people!