Cecil the Combat Wombat: Platypus Platoon

Serving with distinction in the military may earn you medals and promotions, but it also earns you more headaches. The reward for a job well done is more work, and our hero Cecil is discovering that as the new project officer for P.U.S.S., or Project for Utilization of Sentient Species, the Australian Army’s newest effort to integrate uplifted animals into combat and support units. Not only does he have to ride herd on a force of felonious wombats and a detachment of deadly mongeese, the newest addition of uplifted Australian indigenous species may prove to be his biggest challenge yet… or just the remedy for ARM’s latest threat.

The action is bloody and the stakes have never been higher as Cecil and his cohorts stand up… Platypus Platoon.

Drops December 1. Pre-order yours now on Amazon!

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