Overheard in the ER

Nurse (to the room in general): “Hey, anyone seen Room Seven?”

Room in general: ” … ”

Nurse (louder this time): “Hey, has anyone seen my patient from Room Seven?”

Ambulance Driver: “Hot chick, maybe 25, nice tan, big boobs, wearing a johnny?”

Nurse: “Yeah, that’s her. Wait a minute, how did you see her boobs?”

AD: “Because she’s outside smoking, and she’s got the johnny on backwards. She’s apparently not much for modesty.”

Nurse: “Thank goodness. I thought she had eloped.”

AD: “Well, maybe she has. Want us to go tackle her and carry her back in here?”

Nurse: “That won’t be necessary.”

AD: “We’d be happy to go fetch the hot, half-naked girl, seriously. Anything to be of service.”

Nurse (snorting): “I’ll bet you would! Would you be so helpful if she were fat and ugly?”

AD: “Sure! But that sort of thing, I delegate to my partner.”