America: Land of the Free, Home of the… Jingoistic, Bitchy Triage Nurses

I brought a patient into the ED early this morning with a medical issue. It was a serious, potentially life-altering medical issue, but the exact condition isn't important. Somehow, during the course of hand-off report to the triage nurse, I mentioned that the patient was fasting during Ramadan. The triage nurse rolled her eyes in disgust.

"Whatever," she spat, "I'm so sick and tired of dealing with these fucking people and their religion."

Yeah, whatever, bitch. I'm kind of sick and tired of dealing with Yankee triage nurses with bad attitudes, but you won't catch me showing it in public. Our mamas taught us to be more polite to people down here in the backward South.

I'm quite sure that, if she were to take ill in a middle-Eastern country, she'd be squealing in indignation if the nurses there treated her like an animal because she was Christian. She'd probably use it as moral justification for condemning Muslims as barbarians.

Some people I just wish would get the hell off my team, you know?