Well, Crap.

Rescheduled my 10:00 am flight tomorrow out of Washington Reagan International airport to 6:00 pm today, in order to get out before Hurricane Sandy hits.

No such luck.

Got to the airport at 4:00 pm, only to be informed that all flights after 5:00 pm today were canceled, and none tomorrow, either. Found out from the airline that the earliest I could get out was early afternoon on the 31st. My only alternative was flying out of Pittsburgh at 0540 on the 30th, which would have put my host driving me an 8-hour round trip through hurricane and tropical storm winds at Oh-Dark-Thirty to get me to the airport.

Yeah, not doing that, either.

Soooo, a very nice homeless man Old NFO offered me  his cardboard box couch for the next two days, until I can get my butt to New Orleans for EMS Expo.

Oh well, could be worse. I could be sleeping at the airport. Instead, I'm catching up on writing assignments and watching the Saints-Broncos game on a 48 inch Hi Def television and eating homemade pecan pie.

Yep, definitely could be worse.