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Idle, Late Night Observation From The Bolance, #2

When you use the restroom in the treatment area of the dialysis center, and find urine on the toilet seat…

… the only people that could have put it there are the staff.

And all of them are female.

And the wastebasket has no used paper towels in it.

That kind of squicks me out, honestly.

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  • LL

    Some girls “hover.” It squicks me out too.

    • falnfenix

      where “some” = “most.” and yes, it’s disgusting. i hate women’s bathrooms. even the private one at work falls victim to the seat piddlers…and it makes no sense when the only people who use that bathroom are those in my department’s suite. no one else can get in!

  • Old_NFO

    Sounds like a closet transvestite working there… Or somebody trying a new ‘toy’… They do make em for women now…

    • Brighid

      LOL good try there…

  • Tammy

    Maybe housekeeping had been in and emptied trash?? Some people open the door knobs with the papertowel they dried their hands on . . . .germs ya know . . . and throw the towel in the next waste basket they come upon. Just sayin . . .

    • Ambulance_Driver

      In which case they were scrupulous about following proper hand washing procedure, yet still pissed all over a toilet seat.
      I’m not that nasty even when I’m drunk.

  • Sabra Morse Onstott

    Women pee on the seat constantly. Their delicate booties are too precious to be allowed to touch a -gasp- public toilet seat, so they squat. And they can’t risk getting cooties by cleaning up after themselves either.

    Just count yourself lucky it was yellow & not red.

  • Victor

    Some people on dialysis still make some urine, it is within the vague realm of possibility that it was a patient ;)

  • stephanie

    There was a substitute teacher that once left one ENTIRE side of the seat coated like a puddle of the Coed teacher bathroom. I walked in (and right back out) right after her. She didn’t even have the decency to look ashamed. Needless to say, I won’t be asking her to sub for me…. Then there was the time one of my male coworkers walked out of the bathroom pulling Cheetos out of a bag and stuffing them in his mouth not even 10 seconds after the toilet flushed…

  • schmoo1964

    You just THINK they are all female…..

  • Michael

    Yuck. In other news, Kelly did you see that there were to Medevac crashes yesterday. Twas a bad for those who ride in the whirly-birds.