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You Crazy Kids With Your Davy Crockett Hats and Your Hula Hoops and Your Rock And Roll Music…

Hat tip to Jay G. for this one:


Utah school cancels Elvis musical after complaints that All Shook Up is sexually suggestive.


In other news, Jailhouse Rock caused a spike in crime, Teddy Bear encouraged bestiality, and In The Ghetto glamourized the inner city culture that led to rap music and drive-by shootings.

If they really wanted to point fingers, they'd ban Extreme's More Than Words, because many a 1980's teenage girl has given it up to the "If you loved me, you'd put out" song.

Well, at least in my experience…

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  • Sean Murphy

    I’m sure that none of these high school students have ever encounterd a sexually suggestive idea before.
    Oh, wait, Internet. It’s for porn. TV, 90% of shows and commercials are sexualy suggestive. One of the latest book crazes is 50 Shades of Grey, which is thinly (very thinly) veiled pornography. Even the bible is full of sexually suggestive material.

  • Old_NFO

    But Rap is okay… sigh…

  • Scott Kenny

    Teh stoooooooooooopid, it burnsssssssss!

  • bobball

    Sad indeed. My kid’s high school did “All Shook Up”. It was immensely popular. Side note…perhaps “Ted” will promote bestiality…or at least furries.