Idle Observations From The Bolance

1. You’d think that Easter is supposed to be a PCP-free holiday. You would be wrong.

2. Methamphetamine Acres Trailer Park: Just take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

3. White trash girls who talk ghetto are far more annoying than black girls who talk ghetto.

4. If your boyfriend has had 14 seizures in the past twelve hours, and the paramedic asks you why you didn’t call EMS, oh, maybe 11.5 hours ago, that is a legitimate question.

And bobbin’ yo head like a sistah and ackin’ all crazy and talkin’ shit about dis muhfuckin’ ammalance drivah disrespectin’ me…

… does not impress me.

Wash your hair, brush your tooth, sandblast the crud off your body and respect yourself first. And you can get glad in the same ratty-assed sweatpants you got mad in, sister.

4. ADHD, Tourette’s and seizure disorder make for a very interesting patient.

5. Doesn’t matter how big and hopped up on stimulants and hallucinogens you are, joint locks and proper leverage will take you down every time.

6. Families should not be forced to mourn the loss of their child on Easter Sunday. Don’t do stupid shit to make that more likely.

7. When you hand out new tablets loaded with new documentation software, and expect your medics to be proficient with only a 45-minute computer tutorial for training, expect poor documentation, longer ED turnaround time, and lots and lots of hate and discontent.

Maybe even murder plots involving sticking tablet computers into unlikely orifices.