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This Is Why We Wear Our Boots In Rough Country, Boys And Girls

Took a nine-mile hike through Comanche National Grasslands with FarmGirl this morning. Beautiful country, and plenty rugged. Took a gozillion pics which I'll post later.

Anyway, halfway through the hike, I stepped around a yucca plant, and felt a sting in my left ankle. I absentlymindedly swiped at it, and then paused a few steps later to give it a closer look. Hiked up my pants leg, rubbed the area through my sock, didn't feel much of anything, so I just shrugged and went on about my business.

This afternoon, when I stripped for my shower, I found this, that definitely wasn't there when I dressed this morning:


Pretty sure that's a dry snakebite. It went right through my sock, right above the shoe. Never heard a rattle, never saw the snake. But I've got two perfectly spaced holes a half-inch apart in my ankle, and I can't think of anything else that would leave a bite like that all the way through my sock.

Footwear for the rest of the week: Boots.

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  • rachelcornelius

    Glad you are Ok Kelly!

  • hugemedic

    looks like a big spider…either way lucky to not be envenomated

  • InJennifersHead

    Ouch! Yep, definitely boots

  • Sean Murphy

    I see you’re producing your own anti-venom now. Your powers are growing.

  • LittleRed1

    Yikes! Yeah, that’s why I swish the grass and brush ahead of me with my walking stick, if I’m not having to lean on it. At least I’ve warned the beggars.

    The Comanche National Grasslands really deserve more visits than they get, IMHO. Neat place.

  • Montieth

    Dry Snakebite? I guess that means no venom? Isn’t that unusual?

    • Ambulance_Driver

      Dry bites are more common than you might think, but from what I gather, I’m very lucky.
      Juvenile rattlers, like this one probably was, tend to inject a lot of venom.

  • Unix-Jedi

    Chalk one up for not wearing your OdorEaters!


  • Evyl Robot Michael

    Is that like a warning shot?

  • mr618

    Might I suggest the Blauer Blitz 8″ Waterproof boot?

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  • Sean Campbell

    Ahh I get to use my favorite line: So, What did we learn?

  • totwtytr

    Holy CRAP!

  • BH

    Would have really sucked to start dying 10 minutes later and not know why. O.O

  • s sweeney

    AD – any chance it was a copperhead? That looks about the right size for an adult and they are more likely to know you’re too big to eat and conserve their venom. Other options: prairie rattler or pigmy. Normally a dry bite is from a snake that knows you’re out of it’s weight class and just wants you to get back. Pigmy and prairie rattlers don’t rattle very loud (small rattles) and copperheads don’t make a stinking sound.
    Lesson – if you can’t see the dirt wear boots.