When You Hear a “Poot” Instead of a “Bang”…

… don’t pull the trigger again.

Keep your pistol pointed down range, investigate, and clear the malfunction. Step away from the line if need be.

This was from a new box of Federal Champion 9mm, aluminum-cased 115gr FMJ. As far as I know, there were no other issues with any other rounds from that box.

Luckily for me, the underpowered round wasn’t enough to eject the spent case. If it had, and another round chambered, I’d have blown up my pistol on the next shot.

The primer was ruptured, and visual inspection revealed it to be all buggered up, almost square where it should be round. Most of the powder in the round was unburned, and trickled out when I cleared the spent case.

In other news, many people may not appreciate the degree of swaging that occurs as a bullet travels down the bore. I had to whack that sucker to get it out, multiple times.