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Go On, Touch My Maggie.

You know you want to. The folks at Praetorian Group, for whom I write a regular column on EMS1, have just informed me that I’m a finalist in the 2014 Maggie Awards, for “Best Regularly Featured Web, eNewsletter or Digital Edition Column/Trade.” This is my fourth time as a Maggie finalist, and I won the […]

They Laughed, They Cried…

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… they held their lighters aloft and swayed rhythmically. Men bought me beer, and women threw their panties on the stage. You know, the usual.* Just got back from the ESCAPe Conference in Pipestem, WV and the Ohio ITLS Emergency Care Conference in Columbus, OH. Had a great reception at both. This is the third […]

Welcome to Adulthood

As of 2:00 pm today, I am in debt for the next thirty years officially a homeowner. And now that the papers are signed and the deed is done, I would like to say this to my FHA mortgage underwriters: You can call go eat a big bowl of dicks. Thanks for making my Thanksgiving […]

Happy Blogiversary To Me

On this day in 2006, I posted my very first entry on this blog. Seven years later, after roughly three million unique hits, four million page views (SiteMeter has been significantlyundercounting my hits ever since I switched platforms five years ago), and 2,045 blog posts, I'm still writing, and you're still reading. You people seriously […]

Leavin’ On A Jet Plane

Headed to Mattoon, IL for a speaking engagement on Monday. The folks at Lake Land College and Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital EMS are having me speak at their EMS banquet Monday night at 6:00 pm. And apparently, my host this weekend will be providing the Four B's: Boating, Beer, Burgers and Brats. Yeah, it's a […]

Here I Come, Illinois!

For you Illinois EMS types (and anyone else), I'll be in Mattoon, IL to kick off EMS Week. I'll be giving a (hopefully) humorous and inspirational talk hosted by the nice folks at Lake Land College at 6:00 pm, May 20. Admission is free, and CEU credits will be awarded! Spread the word to your […]

Happy Blogiversary to Me!

Actually, it was yesterday. Six years ago yesterday, I put up my first post on this blog. Six years, 1,885 posts, two and a quarter million unique visitors, three and a half million page views, and countless new friends. Thanks for reading, y'all. You guys rock.  

Overheard On The Bolance

Fussy Grandmother: “Now don’t you drop my grand-baby!” AD (winking at the child’s mother): “We do try to avoid such things, Ma’am. Too much paperwork involved.” FG (huffily) “Well, doesn’t that beat all! You’re more concerned with paperwork than taking care of my granddaughter!” AD: “Taking care of brave, pretty little girls like her is […]

I Need to Check My Sitemeter More Often

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Topped a cool two million unique visits sometime earlier today. That was months after I figured it would happen, but I finally got there. I need to post more often. Thanks to all my readers for making it fun, and here's to the next two million. May they get here sooner rather than later. More […]

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