A Couple of Observations…

Well the owners of St. Rita’s were found not guilty.

Of 35 counts of negligent homicide.

For refusing to evacuate a nursing home full of helpless old people in the face of an oncoming Category 3 hurricane.

Ever stop to think that a jury of your peers is largely composed of 12 people too stupid to know how to get out of jury duty?*

On a more positive note, I just watched a local news story on the recent rash of home invasions. The story was well-balanced and informative, and refreshingly free of anti-gun Pants Shitting Hysteria. The most the local sheriff had to say could be paraphrased as “know how to use your weapon. Get some training.”

Good advice, that. It’s nice to live in an area where responsible firearms ownership is considered a given.

*That was a joke, people. Don’t avoid your civic duty.

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