Okay, Almost Back

Good news: Data recovered from laptop. Phew.

Not so good news: Laptop itself on life support, and I’ll probably be converting it to an expensive paperweight soon. The guy who got it running and recovered my data was amazed that it even ran. The conversation went something like this:

Computer Guru: “Damn AD, what have you been doing with this thing?”

Ambulance Driver: “Uuhhh…using it?”

CG: “Dude, normal computer use does not result in hunks missing from the device.”

AD: “Yeah, but they’re small hunks. Unimportant ones.”

CG: “How do you figure?”

AD: “Well, the computer kept working after they fell off. Ergo, unimportant.”

CG: “Dude, you should not be able to see the innards of your computer while you’re using it. By the way, I found a DVD in that dead CDR/DVD drive. Does Thanks For The Mammaries ring a bell?”

AD: “Oh. That. Yeah, that’s a…uuuuhhhh…self breast exam instructional video. You know, from work. An educational video.”

CG: “Whatever, Dude. Anyhoo, I managed to recover all your porn important files and presentations. In the future, you might want to consider this radical concept known as backing up your shit at regular intervals.”

Bad news: Still without internet access, so I post from work when it’s slow, which has been a rare condition lately. Faced with paying my cable bill versus truck and computer repairs, I chose the latter. But hey, at least I can write offline and then post later.

Keep your fingers crossed that ye olde laptop stays alive for another couple of months.

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