If Y’all Will Allow Me To Get A Little Mushy…

I just wanted to thank you guys.

Sporadic posts for over a month, and still you read, to the tune of a thousand hits a day.

I call attention to the plight of a fellow blogger, and you guys flock over there en masse to show your support. Not only that, but you gave. Willingly. I know just how hard that is this soon after the holidays.

I mention my computer problems, and immediately, no less than five readers have offered to donate used or refurbished computers.

To those who have offered, many thanks, and believe me when I say that your kindness is greatly appreciated, but right now I’ll muddle through with what I have.

You don’t have to supply me with a computer to say, “Thanks for writing.”

Your readership is all the thanks I need.

Y’all stay tuned tomorrow. New story here and on Star of Life, I promise.

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