Things For EMTs To Do In Baltimore In The Springtime

Visit a restaurant in the Inner Harbor and have some crab cakes and Guinness. Dare your buddies to pinch your waitress on the ass, and then practice your wound management techniques on them.

Attend EMS Today and hear lots of entertaining and informative lectures on EMS topics.

Harangue the folks who organized the conference because they didn’t pick me this year.

Get really drunk with TOTWTYTR and pass out in the same gutter Edgar Allen Poe died in! Now how cool would that be?

Visit Shock Trauma Center. No, not that way. I mean as a tourist, silly. Listen to the tour guide’s version of the history of the place and it’s founder, R. Adams Cowley, widely acknowledged as the father of trauma care in the U.S….

…and then go visit the National EMS Museum booth at EMS Today, and hear what it was really like in the early days of EMS and trauma care, back when Maryland Shock Trauma was known by other surgeons as “Cowley’s Death Ward.” Get the grizzled old coot there to tell you the real story of the Golden Hour.

And while you’re there, buy on of these tee shirts. It would be the perfect ensemble to wear while you’re searching for a clean gutter in which to do your Poe imitation. Plus, TOTWTYTR could buy another Sam Adams with the proceeds.

Visit the Emergency Training Associates booth and get your signed copy of En Route. And buy some for your friends! It’s the perfect EMS stocking stuffer! And while you’re there, you can share with me any reconnaissance you may have gathered on the best places to find Guinness, crab cakes and hot waitresses.

Attend Bryan Bledsoe’s lecture entitled “Can Oxygen Really Be Bad?” and prepare to have your assumptions challenged. I’ll be the guy in the front row squealing like a fanboy.

Oh, did I mention the books and tee shirts? And the Guinness?