As Usual, The Truth Is Somewhere Between The Extremes

Most of the EMS internet forums have been abuzz lately with the story of the Pittsburgh man who died before EMS could reach him, after his wife called 911 ten times in 30 hours.

As usual, most EMTs who read it were quick to crucify the EMS crew based on nothing more than news reports and public statements from the city’s Public Safety Director.

Turns out, the Public Safety Director may have his own agenda, and as usual, the reporters story left out any facts that didn’t fit the critical tone of the story.

TOTWTYTR has a comment from someone who works in the system who adds some valuable perspective to the news accounts.

Never judge a story based entirely on media accounts, folks. If I had a dollar for every time I read a news account of a call I ran, and wondered if the reporter was actually at the same scene I was, I’d be a rich man.

Accuracy and objectivity is the exception for today’s news media, not the rule.

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