Presenting To You, Congressman Bob Etheridge…

… Democrat, 2nd District, NC, and Grand Imperial Poobah of the Fraternal Order of Arrogant Douchebags.


I think it’s pretty obvious that this jerk has forgotten who the hell he works for.

That would be you, voters of North Carolina. Time to remind ol’ Bob of that fact, by putting him in the unemployment line.

Good thing you were in Washington, Congressman. You’re a southern boy, and you have to know that behaving like that back home would earn you a good, old-fashioned ass-kicking.

This one needs to go viral, folks. Anyone who reads my blog, I challenge to re-post this on your own blogs or Facebook page. Encourage your friends and readers to do the same. These people don’t fear us, and it’s about damned time they did.

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