For you EMS Newbies…

there’s a new episode of Confessions of An EMS Newbie.

Ron nearly fails his EMT class because he didn’t make sure his unprofessional partner maintained stabilization of the limb during application of a traction splint.

We discuss how holding a candidate responsible for the actions of a partner isn’t really kosher in the exam station, but isn’t such a bad thing in class or on the street, and how rarely traction splints are really necessary in the field.

Ron has never used a Sager splint, and I educate him on the street name for that particular torture device, plus a really cool way to check for non-displaced long bone fractures.

Ron also asks the question, “How many times have you actually used a traction splint in the field?” and invites followers to share their traction splint war stories.

Go on over to Confessions of an EMS Newbie and tell him yours.