Ever Noticed…

… that the same sort of yahoo that steers novice women shooters to .38 snubby revolvers (with pink grips, natch) is the same sort of idiot who will start his son shotgunning with a single shot .410.

And they are everywhere.

While looking for AR15 ammo yesterday, a faint whiff of Clearasil heralded the arrival of one of the younger denizens of the Academy Sports gun counter.

“Help you, bro?” he inquired ever-so-helpfully.

“.223 ammo, preferably bonded bullets, 60 grains or larger. If you’ve got some 70 grain stuff around here, that’d be dandy. I need something that’ll take down a big hog.”

“You need something bigger than a .223, then. We’ve got plenty of guns -”

“I’m not here to buy a gun, just ammo. And I’ve killed a dozen hogs with a .17 HMR. But the ranch owner is a little leery of me sitting in a ground blind, taking head shots at 25 yards. So, .223 it is.”

“They don’t make 60 or 70 grain .223 bullets.”

“Yeah, they do.”

“So what, specifically, are you looking for?”

“Some .223 ammo more suitable for hunting than plinking. You know, like something 60 or 70 grains, suitable for a carbine with a 16-inch barrel with a 1:7 twist.”

I had hoped that would send him scurrying back to the gun counter with a glazed look in his eyes, and it did just that.

“Kid don’t know shit,” snorted a guy standing next to me. “AR15 is plenty good fer hawgs.”

I smiled in solidarity. “Yep. Put a bullet with the right construction in the vitals, and it oughta work just fine, even a .223.”

“Killed a buncha hawgs with my AR,” he bragged. “Kilt nine of ’em outta a thutty round clip, dead runnin’ across a food plot, maybe 150 yards out. I got me some military-issue hollow points, just like they got in Eye-rack. Jist as deadly on a hawg as they is on a raghead.”

“Clips.” “Military issue hollow points.”


Remind me to do my ammo shopping on-line or in the smaller shops, not at the big box stores.

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