Overheard In the Tactical Tacoma

On the way home from KatyBeth's school this afternoon:


Ambulance Driver (windows down, stereo cranked up, rocking to Prince): "Puuuurple rain, puuuurrrrrple raaaaai – iaaaaiiinnn, only want to see you underneath the puuuuurrple rain…"

KatyBeth (not as enthusiastic, but still diggin' it): "Honey I know, I know times are changin', it's time we all reach out for something new…"


[continued singing, interspersed with steering wheel drumming, one-handed air guitar solo, AD trying to emulate Prince’s falsetto, and KatyBeth rolling her eyes]

AD: "Now THAT is music! That guy has more talent in his little finger than your Justin Bieberlake and Hannah Wyoming and all those other kids put together!"

KB (mildly noncommital): "It's a good song."

AD: "Good song? GOOD SONG?? This is CLASSIC! I got LAID to this song!"

KB: "What's 'laid'?"

AD: "Um, nevermind."

KB: "It's kind of weird, though. Must be a metaphor for something."

AD: "And there was this smokin' hot chick named Appolonia in the movie and – what, what did you say?"

KB: "A metaphor, Dad. Rain is transparent, not purple. It must be a metaphor for something else."

AD: "Waitaminnit… what grade are you in again?"

KB: "Still rocks, though."

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