Reason #3586 My Kid Rocks

We had an important interview in the family today.

No, not my interview. Mine was back in early October, and I rocked the interview and got the job, which they promptly eliminated before I could even start. Meh, such is life.

But today was KatyBeth's district-wide interview for the Student of the Year competition. Candidates had to write a personal essay, fill out a lengthy questionnaire, and interview with a panel of judges, and winners were selected for 5th, 8th and 12th grades for their respective schools. Katy won for the 5th grade divison for her K-12 school.

She's been sweating the interview for the district competition, which had been postponed twice due to the recent ice storms. Today was the big day. The school's guidance counselor took the school's three winners to the parish school board office for their interviews. I helped her prepare for the interview as best I could, focusing on the broad stuff; look them in the eye, be polite, think carefully before you answer, make sure to introduce yourself and shake hands firmly, be respectful but proud of your accomplishments, and no matter what happens, your mother and I are already immensely proud of you.

So today after school, I grilled her on how the interview went. According to Katy, one question went something like this:

Interviewer 1: "So, what kind of things do you like to do in your spare time?"

KatyBeth: "Well, if the weather is bad, I watch my favorite shows after school. But if the sun is shining, I like to be outside doing things with my family."

Interviewer 2: "What kind of things?"

KatyBeth: "Camping, fishing, jet-skiing, shooting…"

Interviewer 2: "How nice."

Interviewer 3: "Out of curiosity, what do you shoot?"

KatyBeth: "Oh, mainly my AR15. I like to bust cans, soda bottles, plastic Easter eggs packed with explosive stuff. I'm a regular tin can assassin."

Interviewer 3: "Young lady, I think I'd like to hang out with you."

I hope that's a good sign. We'll know in a couple of days.

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