Now THAT’S A Good Review!

Every year at the Texas EMS Conference, a couple of co-conspirators and I do a skills workshop called "Pediatric ALS Skills: All The Stuff You're Afraid Of, Plus What Actually Works."

It's a good class. We fill up all three sessions every year, and get great reviews. We've gotta add some stuff to it this year, because apparently some people re-take it every year, and the information is starting to get a little stale for a select few.

Still, all the positive reviews we get don't hold a candle to this email:

Just wanted to let you know that the Pedi Workshop you held at the TX EMS Conference just came in very handy. We had a 3 y/o "respiratory" that was actually a post-ROSC ( as in right before we arrived) on a vent with a trach. The trach was dislodged by the home care nurse and the child went into respiratory arrest for so long that she also went into cardiac arrest. The nurse got her back but the trach she placed was both in the wrong place and it was the wrong size. So, we got to do some problem solving and ended up inserting a new Shiley. Thanks to your workshop, I looked like a pro. Many, many thanks to you and the other instructors for a high quality educational session!

Yep, I'll take feedback like that all day long.

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