Parental Advisory* Lyrics

Of all the songs on my iPhone, there's a select few that always make KatyBeth channel Tipper Gore.

Whenever I play Cee Lo Green's "F*ck You," or Pink's "F*ckin' Perfect," she will gasp in horror, blush like a tomato, and clap her hands over her ears until the song is over, whereupon she admonishes me for listening to such trash.

Ooooohh boy, am I gonna have fun reminding her of that in a few years…




*Warning: Contains explicit language. Children, don't let your parents listen to these songs, or surely they will experiment with drugs and post-marital sex, turn to a life of crime and spiral into a vortex of despair. PTA meetings will devolve into drunken, drug-fueled orgies, and the little old ladies who greet you at Wal Mart will have their hair dyed in one blue stripe down the middle, instead of all over. It'll be anarchy, ANARCHY I tell you!

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