Overheard On The Bolance

AD: “And how much have you had to drink, Sir?”

Man With Swollen Arm That Wasn’t Actually Swollen: “Not a drop. I been sleeping all day.”

AD: “You’re slurring your words, unsteady on your feet, and your breath could knock over a moose. Plus, there’s a nearly empty half-pint of Taaka in your pocket. You wanna try that answer again?”

MWSA (insistently): “Man, I ain’t had a drop to drink all day. I got drunk off my ass yesterday, but I been sleeping it off all day today.”

AD: “And what day is today?”

MWAS: “Wednesday night!”

AD: “I’ve got bad news for you, Sir. It’s Tuesday afternoon, and you’re still drunk.”

You know, most people that drink heavily tend to lose big chunks of time when they’re drunk. It takes a special talent to gain 30 hours when you’re in the bag.

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