Calling All EMT’s

If you've been involved in EMS forums for any length of time, you've probably heard of the House of DeFrance.

Before there was a JEMS Online or an EMS1 or an EMT City or EMT Life, there was the EMS House of DeFrance, one of the most comprehensive EMS resources on the web. And the person who ran it, my friend Valerie DeFrance, did it for years via a 56k modem from Hope, AK.

Now, my friend is battling breast cancer. She stands a good chance of beating it, but the nearest clinic for her radiation treatments is 75 miles away, and the treatments have left her unable to work and thus without income. Substantial medical bills are soon to follow.

She needs our help, and there is a pressing need now to help her get back and forth to her radiation treatments.

Head on over to Mule Breath's blog for the donation link. Give what you can, please.


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