They Call Me The Baby Whisperer

I have a special talent: kids like me.*

No matter how sick or cranky the baby, or how fearful the toddler, I can get their trust within seconds.

i can’t count the number of times a mother has told me, “He only wants his Mama when he’s sick. He’ll never go to a man, least of all a stranger.”

I smile and hold out my hands, and nine times out of ten, they’ll come to me willingly, and stop fussing when I hold them…

… to the slack-jawed astonishment of the mother.

Today I astonished yet another mother and aunt, taking care of the cutest little blue-eyed kid that was the absolute spitting image of Marko Kloos’ son, Quinn, at age three or so.

Being a babe baby magnet has its disadvantages, though. One of the biggest clues to a child’s mental status, particularly the non-verbal ones, is the presence or absence of age-appropriate stranger or separation anxiety.

I can never place much faith in that, though, because kids warm up to me so readily.

* Probably because they instinctively sense that I too am a seven-year-old kid, only larger and hairier.