Kilted At The Fair

This weekend marks the end of the parish fair, and today I represented Kilted Nation along the midway, handing out Kilted To Kick Cancer postcards and spreading the word to anyone who asked why I was wearing a kilt.



We even had a nice Japanese tourist (Well hello, cliche'!) snap our picture before KatyBeth drug me through repeated turns on the Spewinator and the Vomitron.

I only got queasy once, and the carnie took mercy on me there. Each time around, I'd come to the apogee of my neck-snapping circuit about 18 inches away from the ride operator.

I got to deliver my warning in short bursts every time I whizzed by: "Hey bro… whoosh! … If I puke… whoosh! … gonna hold it… whoosh! … until I pass… whoosh! … your chair again."

He stopped the ride on the next circuit.

I did manage to resist the fair food, though. Whilst KatyBeth gorged on popcorn, funnel cakes, gigantic lemonades and pizza by the slice, Yours Truly contented himself with a bottled water and a roasted turkey leg.

So while I rest my sunburned, tired, slightly dehydrated self, why don't y'all hit the PCF and LiveStrong donation links over there on the left sidebar?

Get kilted, and get checked!