A Friend In Need

When I made my first foray into the blogosphere in 2005, the first "big" blogger to link me was LawDog. Not long after, was Tamara, Queen Mistress of Snark. A few links later, and I got my first ever Tamalanche. Back when I was averaging 1400 visits a day, a big chunk of those were from View From The Porch.

When I got my first 1911, I had to call her for instructions on how to field strip the damned thing, because the owner's manual was for a government length model with a standard guide rod, and mine was a Commander length with a full-length guide rod and a wonky recoil spring plug and barrel bushing. I told her what model I had, and she was all, "Oh yeah, those are a bit effed up. Here's what you do…"

I called or emailed her for advice before making a few other gun purchases, and she faithfully replied to my queries… a few months after I made the purchase. A diligent correspondent, she ain't.

I finally got to meet her in person last year at Blogorado, and she was every bit as cool as I thought she'd be, albeit shy as hell until she felt comfortable around you.

I consider Tamara Keel a dear friend.

And now she's got basal cell carcinoma and in need of surgery, and as she puts it, she's an uninsured, self-unemployed writer. Seems every other person in the blogosphere is raffling something to fund her medical treatment, and if you haven't heard about the stuff being offered, here are a few good places to look:


Jay G.


Bayou Renaissance Man

Go check out one of those links, and find out how a donation to Tam's PayPal account can get you into the raffle for some pretty sweet prizes.

I mean, as if you needed any other incentive besides the fact that it's Tamara, fer Chrissakes, and she needs our help. So go now, donate.

I didn't have much to throw in, but I put up five signed copies of my book to sweeten the pot. If you'd like a chance at one of those, go check out Jay G's blog for details.

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