Inside Joke

Those of you who know the man will appreciate this conversation on the way to the Texas EMS Conference in Austin:

Ambulance Driver: "Be on the lookout for a liquor store. We need to pick up a couple of cases of Shiner Bock and a bottle of Bulleit bourbon for Torrey."

Limey Buddy: "Do they even sell liquor on Sunday in Texas?"

AD: "Wine and beer, I'm pretty sure. Not so sure about the hard stuff."

Jeff B: "Maybe when we get into Travis County…"

TOTWTYTR: "Yeah, Austin is the Berkeley of the south. Maybe they're cool with selling liquor on Sundays."

Jeff B: "Hey, there's a liquor store!"

AD (tires squealing as I make a hard and unexpected left turn): "Thanks for the early warning, bro."

TOTWTYTR: "You keep driving like that, we're gonna get arrested before we even get there."

Jeff B: "That's okay, we'll just tell the cops we know Old NFO…"

I LOL'ed.

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