Book Review: The Grey Man: PayBack

Spent an enjoyable night this weekend re-reading J.L. Curtis’ second book, The Grey Man: Payback.

Payback is a strong sophomore effort from Curtis. Jim addresses the criticism of The Grey Man: Vignettes with an eye to honing his writing craft, and as a result, his second book is an even more entertaining yarn than the first.

The plot development is much stronger, the characters more fully developed, and the action and gunplay are stellar. Payback reaffirms my impression of John Cronin from the first novel: beware the nondescript old guy with a well-worn gun, because he’ll just kill your ass.

This book is an entertaining tale about family ties, border wars, Western justice, and bloody retribution, and answers the question, “Just how far will a good man go when pushed too far?”

Answer: Further than you wanna go, hombre.

Buy this book. It’s an entertaining shoot-em-up, and both casual readers and gun aficionados will find it immensely entertaining.


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