Milestones and Breakthroughs

Hit a couple of personal records running in the pool today:

Did 75 laps in 60 minutes, a personal best.

Hit 100 laps in 82 minutes, also the most ever.

Kept going and hit 109 laps in 90 minutes, although the last nine or so were more of a drunken weave/stagger.

354 pounds on the scale today, another 1.5 pounds down in the last week. That’s 31 less than two months ago, 46 pounds less than when I had my PE in April, and 56 pounds less than a year ago.

Vitals and labs at my doctor’s office this week were all great. I’m shooting for getting off antihypertensive meds altogether, and if I can convince my doctor to order another CT angiogram and venous Doppler study, maybe I’ll have enough ammunition to convince him to take me off the blood thinner.


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