It’s a Veritable Kiltapalooza Up In Here!

Finished, two kilts for two very large men, with enough material left over for a kid's kilt. Total cost for 2.5 kilts, including decorative leather work and hardware… less than $150.


The Ex is considering orders, people. For a first-time kilt seamstress, I think she did an outstanding job.

Bloggers, are you signed up for the Kilted to Kick Cancer fundraising challenge? If not, why not?

All you have to do is visit the Kilted to Kick Cancer page right here on my blog, read the contest rules, and click the email link either for Prostate Cancer Foundation or Livestrong, and I will email you the special donation links for your blogs. If you don't enter through these links, you won't get any credit for the donations you've solicited!

A relative few bloggers have signed up, folks, and there are some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs for the top three fundraisers. 

It would look awful fishy if I were to win the top prize in a fundraising challenge I organized, but hey, if none of you want to give me any competition, I'll be happy to shoot that Ruger .22/45 and buy a few goodies from Brownell's. And I need a custom holster and gun belt anyway…