A Member of the Tribe is in Need

Many of you know that every October, a couple dozen of the People of the Gun gather in Secret Location, CO for a weekend of food, fun, fellowship, and firearms. The Keenans (aka FarmFam) are our hosts for that event, and now a member of their family (which makes her OUR family) is in need.

Andi Keenan suffered a stroke in mid-August, and was misdiagnosed for two weeks before her condition was discovered. They still don’t know what caused it, but she is facing 18 months of therapy to regain what motor function she can, and medical bills are mounting fast. Andi is a self-employed artisan, and income-wise, falls into that crack where she makes too much to qualify for Medicaid, and too little to purchase some of the “affordable” healthcare coverage we’ve had for the past eight years. Without some assistance, her family is going to be in dire straits.

Her sister Dawn (FarmGirl) has set up a GoFundMe account for her medical bills.

But wait, there’s more! Fellow members of the Gunnie Tribe have rallied to the cause, and are offering some sweet packages of guns and prizes to be raffled off to the donors. From Old NFO’s blog, here are the rules:

  • $10 per chance
  • $50/6 chances
  • $100/12 chances, etc.
  • Make your donation to the Go Fund Me above, and copy your donation receipt to [email protected]. This will count as your entry into the raffle. If you have already donated, we will accept prior donations to the Go Fund Me.

The raffle will run from now through the end of November, with the drawing to be held 1 December via a random drawing program. First number gets their choice, second gets their choice, etc.

Go check out Old NFO’s blog for a rundown of the guns and prizes offered.

Please donate what you can. Every little bit helps, and Andi’s good people.

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