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Hello, 911?

"There's a creepy guy at the park just watching the kids and taking pictures… and he's wearing a skirt!"

Of course, it helps to have your own kid at the park as an alibi, in case such a call is ever made, and Kilted to Kick Cancer is the perfect excuse for such unusual attire.


Please, donate to Prostate Cancer Foundation or LiveStrong on my behalf. Click the links, and donate whatever your heart tells you. Only $5 from twenty of you would be $100 closer to finding a cure.

Thanks for your support.

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  • Sewmouse

    Well, at least you didn’t let KB’s puppy get loose!

    That child just keeps getting prettier and prettier…  Have you found a good convent school yet?

  • @sebwong

    Heck, I’d draw down on him if I were the Po-Po; then after he explained himself, I’d give him a buck or two to kick cancer.


  • Nurse K

    I like the random height measurements on the playground equipment a la gas station robbery.  If a worried mom snaps a photo of a creeper among the younguns, you can at least know their height!

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