Kilted to Kick Cancer 2012: The Standings

Okay folks, we're at the halfway point, and as of 1630 today, September 16, total funds raised stands at $6,805. Looks like we're not going to meet our lofty goal of $50,000, but if we hustle, we can certainly still beat last year's total!

Standings in the fundraising challenge are as follows Totals are those donations raised between 00:01 CST September 1 and 16:30 CST on September 16.:

  1. Jay G.:                              $1,680
  2. Kelly Grayson:                $1,010 (not eligible for prize packages)
  3. Caleb Giddings:            $500
  4. Stingray:                          $500
  5. Michael Hast:                 $500
  6. Motorcop:                        $270
  7. Justin Schorr:                 $260
  8. Jeff Brosius:                   $255
  9. Old NFO:                         $250
  10. Scott Coykendall:          $245

As you can see, Jay G. is still kicking our butts, but I'm gaining ground steadily, and everyone in the top 10 is withing striking distance for one of the three prize packages. Hit the donation page of your favorite participant today, and help them over the top!

Get kilted, and get checked!