Kilted to Kick Cancer: The Standings

One week to go in Kilted to Kick Cancer 2012, and the fundraising total stands at $11,608.55 as of 12:30 CST today. The running for the three prize packages has heated up with offers to shave mustaches, half-shave mustaches, junk waxing, motorcycle waxing, beautiful women in black vinyl catsuits, nerds offering to sing "Call Me Maybe" or "Born This Way," people offering to sing "The Scotsman" with blue ribbon tied you-know-where, and kilted, shaved-head bikers threatening photos of themselves flashing their junk on a swingset.

In the words of Fred Thompson Arthur Branch Carver Purcell Admiral Joshua Painter, "This business will get out of control. It'll get out of control, and we'll all be lucky to live through it."

The top ten in funds raised between 00:01 CST September 1 and 12:30 CST September 23 are:

  1. Jay G.                                                        $2,580
  2. Stingray                                                    $1,335
  3. Kelly Grayson (ineligible)                      $1,125
  4. Michael Hast                                            $990  
  5. Old NFO                                                    $825
  6. Jeff Brosius                                              $708
  7. Motorcop                                                   $600
  8. Caleb Giddings                                       $555.55
  9. Justin Schorr                                            $510
  10. Scott Coykendal                                       $395

Things look to change significantly in the standings between now and September 30, folks, so keep your foot on the gas. The top three fundraisers stand to win prize packages worth over $1,000 each.

While you're donating, please stop by and give our prize donors a little love, and let them know how much you appreciate their support.

Get kilted and get checked!