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Inside Joke

Those of you who know the man will appreciate this conversation on the way to the Texas EMS Conference in Austin:

Ambulance Driver: "Be on the lookout for a liquor store. We need to pick up a couple of cases of Shiner Bock and a bottle of Bulleit bourbon for Torrey."

Limey Buddy: "Do they even sell liquor on Sunday in Texas?"

AD: "Wine and beer, I'm pretty sure. Not so sure about the hard stuff."

Jeff B: "Maybe when we get into Travis County…"

TOTWTYTR: "Yeah, Austin is the Berkeley of the south. Maybe they're cool with selling liquor on Sundays."

Jeff B: "Hey, there's a liquor store!"

AD (tires squealing as I make a hard and unexpected left turn): "Thanks for the early warning, bro."

TOTWTYTR: "You keep driving like that, we're gonna get arrested before we even get there."

Jeff B: "That's okay, we'll just tell the cops we know Old NFO…"

I LOL'ed.

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  • Matt G

    It’s what I’d do….
    And sadly, Texas permits no sale of hard liquor on Sundays.

    • too old to work

      Yeah, we found that out after we screeched to a halt and the tires stopped smoking.

  • Jennifer Oclaray Hast

    So very true. Just this weekend he was asking where my dad was stationed in the pacific. Half expecting to find out that it was OldNFO’s idea to sneak out to the bar that night.