Overheard On The Way To School

Me: "If you don't cheer up, I'm going to get out of the truck when we get to school, and do Gangnam Style right there in the parking lot, in my pajamas, in front of all your friends."

KatyBeth (giggling): "You would not!"

Me: "Don't think so? Just try me."

KatyBeth: "Okay, okay, I'm smiling. Just please don't embarass me in front of my friends."

Me: "Okay, then. I'll save that one for your wedding reception."

KatyBeth: "No you won't, because I'm never getting married. I'm going to be a crazy cat lady with, like, twelve cats."

Me: "But what if you meet the boy of your dreams?"

KatyBeth: "Not gonna happen. Boys are pigs."

Me: "Child, have I told you this morning how much I love you?"

  • Evyl Robot Michael

    KatyBeth wins the internets.

  • Old_NFO

    Yep, gonna have your hands full with her… :-)

  • Vic MD

    Oh you are so blessed with her! I have my own hands full with a budding preteen, and two others not far behind…

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