Overheard on The Bolance

Singing along to the radio:

Skinny: "Hands, touchin' hands…"

AD: "Reachin' out…"

Skinny: "Touching me…"

AD: "Touching yoooouuu…"


AD: "Uuuumm… you realize we were just rockin' out to Neil Diamond? I'm pretty sure we lose major cool points for that."

Skinny: "Dude, Neil Diamond scored copious amounts of ass back in the day. If that's nerdy, then I wanna be a nerd."

Skinny is wiser than his years.

  • Cath

    Oh.my.gosh. There’s actually two of them! :-D

  • Ross

    At least you didn’t do that dorky “so good, so good!” that infants who are too young to remember when this was a Top 10 seem to do now a days.


    • Ambulance_Driver

      Hell no. I don’t do that bar sing-along group participation crap any more than I do line dancing.
      Mucks up a perfectly good song.

  • Stingray

    “If that’s nerdy, then I wanna be a nerd.”"
    Boy knows of whence he speaks.

  • Old_NFO

    Heh… Good one! :-)

  • PepperellCynic

    Certainly no cool points lost amongst Red Sox Nation!

    • Too Old To Work

      We tolerate it, we don’t actually like it.

    • Chad

      I wondered how long it would take for the Boston crowd to jump in.

  • djmoore

    I’d like to float the hypothesis that a partner who automatically trades off lines like that has a high potential for being a good partner.

    I’m not sure I’d think to do that.

  • 68W

    That was our platoon theme song at Advanced Leader’s Course. Picture a bunch of mid-career sergeants stacked up on a door, about to kick it in and clear the room inside, suddenly singing this at the top of their lungs. Not exactly tactical, but our instructors laughed their butts off.

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