Overheard On The Bolance

On the third trip, to the third hospital in the last four hours, for the same malingering trustee of modern chemistry:

AD: “So, why’d you leave the ER?”

MTMC: “Man, they wasn’t doing anything to help me!”

AD: “How do you that? You weren’t there fifteen minutes before you walked out and called 911 from the parking lot.”

MTMC: “Fuck you, man. Why you frontin’ me? I’m dying here, and none of you motherfuckers cares!”

AD: “Nice tatt on your arm, dude. ‘Fuck the system’ is a wonderful way to express your disdain for the system you’re abusing tonight.”

MTMC: “The system fuckin’ sucks, dude. All y’all suck.”

AD (to partner): “Take him to triage. He’s got a reserved seat in the waiting room.”

MTMC: “Man, y’all suck! Y’all don’t care if I die!”

AD: “Lucky for you, you’ve had four EKGs and two full medical screening exams in the past four hours that show you can safely sit in the waiting room for a few hours before you get your next set.

Tonight, I guess the system fucks back.”

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