Kilted to Kick Cancer 2013: Let’s Break $10K!

Well, KTKC 2013 is drawing near to its end, with only four days left in the fundraising challenge, and it looks like we won't meet our $50k goal. That was an extremely ambitious goal anyway, but you know what they say; if you aim low, you tend to hit where you aimed.

Right now, we're at roughly $8300 in this year's donations (About $200 got mistakenly donated on last year's campaign site), and I'd love to see us break $10,000 before the challenge ends.

If you can spare the coin, go hit up one of the Kilted fundraisers near the bottom of the standings, and toss a few bucks into their fundraising jar.

Or if you prefer, donate to Jeff Brosius or Jay G., and let's see if we can make a real horse race for the spot of Fundraising Champion.

With your help, I know we can get to $10,000.

Get Kilted, and get checked!