180 Degrees

Folks often say there's nothing to see in southern Colorado, nothing but a sea of grass and empty skies. And you know, they're right…


… until you turn 180 degrees, and look back the way you came.


Look one way, into the teeth of a wind that dropped the temperature thirty degrees in fifteen minutes, and turned the air into a swirling miasma of 60-grit sandpaper that even the sun struggled to break through…


… and then turn around and look the other, and the vista spreads before you, a riot of color and the tang of sage in the air.


They say it's a harsh land, barely fit for human habitation.

I'm okay with that. Keeps the riff raff out.

  • skidmark

    Know what else you can see in Colorado? The death of a mancard. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09cVJu85k-k
    Can you say “squee”, boys and girls? I knew you coud.

  • bob agard

    Yep. Ya gotta keep turning around. Hope you enjoyed your time in Colorado.

  • Tam

    I could live there. :)

  • Old_NFO

    And if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes and it’ll change… OTHER than the damn wind… :-)

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