Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014: Extreme Measures, Baby!


Latest standings for the Kilted to Kick Cancer 2014 Fundraising Challenge, as of 1150 CST, Tuesday, September 16 are:

  • Team Borepatch:                       $1,230
  • Team USA Karate:                     $735
  • Team HBC Concealment:        $638
  • Team Old NFO:                           $570
  • Team JayG:                                 $510
  • Team McThag:                            $415
  • Team Ambulance Driver:       $405
  • Team Happy Medic:                  $205
  • Team Coykendall:                       $130
  • Team Brosius:                              $125
  • Team Soul Crusher:                   $70
  • Team Jason Gardiner:               $70
  • Team Guns ‘n Coffee:                  $56
  • Team BWall:                                 $50
  • Team Oddball:                              $20
  • Team Corpus Christi:                  $10
  • Undesignated:                               $435


That’s $5,674 halfway through the campaign, and Team Ambulance Driver is in 7th place.

I’d really like to double that total by September 30, both my personal total and the overall standings.

I’m already committed to #DunkYourJunk, and Stingray and I will do a Kilted greased pig race at Blogorado in October if we get my personal total above $1,000.

We can totally do this, guys.

$20 each from ten readers a day is $200. We could quadruple Team Ambulance Driver’s standings in a week, and all it costs is a simple, tax-deductible donation.

Click the link, select Team Ambulance Driver, and donate.

If you’re the type that roots for the underdog, then donate on behalf of one of the Kilted Fundraisers at the bottom of the list. Or heck, click on the donate tab at the KTKC website, and donate on behalf of someone who isn’t on the board yet.

Until then, here’s a picture of Shine R. Bock, the world’s first prostate cancer-sniffing dog.

Shine the Moocher

If I stop sticking my nose under your kilt, can I have a Cheese Nip?

I know he’s sniffing for prostate cancer, because every time I wear my kilt, he’s got his cold, wet nose under it. Thus far, he hasn’t alerted on mine, so I’m good until my next prostate exam.

Will you donate to help defeat a cancer that kills nearly 30,000 men a year?


Get Kilted, and get checked!