Conversation in the ER…

AD: Hey, Thin Anemic Nurse?

TAN: Yeah, Ambulance Driver?

AD: Any particular reason you have a space heater running in here when the ambient temperature is 80 degrees?

TAN: I’m cold.

AD: Okay. Any reason the rest of us have to stew in our own juices because your personal thermostat is stuck on LOW?

TAN: I’m cold.

AD: We’ve established that. I was just wondering why four people in this room have meat falling off the bone so the fifth one can be comfortable. Maybe you could like, maybe, wear a sweater or something.

TAN: Sweaters don’t go with my scrubs.

AD: Then perhaps you should come to work in a snowmobile suit on those frigid days when the mercury drops below 85.

TAN: Are you trying to tell me you want to turn on the air conditioner? Because I can’t work in here with it that cold.

AD: Heaven’s no! I’d never suggest that you sacrifice your comfort for all of us. As a matter of fact, we’re all going to chip in together and buy you a new hypothalamus for Christmas. We love you that much. Crank up the sauna, girlfriend!

She didn’t think it was near as funny as the rest of us did.