Care To Guess What Kind of Medical Coverage He Had?

34 years old.

Insulin dependent diabetic, well-controlled.

Awake, oriented and in no distress.

Met us at the curb, and climbed into the ambulance without assistance.

Chief complaint?

Glad you asked. That would be, "I can't pee."

And for his less than 8 hours of urinary retention and mildly tender belly, he wanted an ambulance to take him seven blocks to the hospital. And that's with an able-bodied girlfriend and a functional minivan parked 10 feet from his front door. He actually had to walk around his ride to get to his ride.

Someone remind me again how adding 20 million people to the Medicaid rolls without first stabilizing the primary care crisis will somehow result in lower costs? The only way that will happen is if no one actually uses their new benefits.

People who are provided free health care have ZERO incentive to use it sparingly or wisely. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying, or a politician.

But then, I repeat myself.


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