It’s As Good As Real Elvish Rope, It Is!

You outdoorsy types are probably familiar with the utility of 550 paracord. It's strong, with a breaking strength of 550 pounds, lightweight, and mildew and rot-proof. Whether it be camping, home repair, hunting, or the zombie apocalypse, you can pretty much always find a need for good strong rope. I've used it as clothesline, to hang a hammock, tow a jet ski, anchor a boat, make tent repairs, as an improvised gun sling, used it to wrap the haft of knives, hiking and wading poles, decoy line, braided whistle lanyards and keychains with it…

… pretty much everything but truss up a dead body in a roll of carpet with it. But hey, if I ever wake up in Vegas next to a dead hooker, with no recollection of how she got there, all I'll need is the carpet, because I carry 100 feet of 550 paracord in the toolbox of my truck. Not that I'm saying I would wrap a dead hooker in a carpet, mind you, but with 550 paracord, I could if I had to, you know, if I were framed by that malevolent cabal of paramedics who hate my blog name and I had to hide the body until I could track down the Real Killer, and…

… okay, let's just forget the whole dead hooker analogy. Now, where was I?

Oh yeah, paracord! Aside from being the modern equivalent of real Elvish rope, it also makes a dandy fashion accessory:


That's a light green/camo paracord bracelet made by my buddy Ordo at Paracord Ord. He'll make you a custom paracord bracelet for $10, in up to 3 colors, in a variety of designs. He does some really purty work, too:

I liked mine so much, I ordered four more for myself, and I'll be ordering more as gifts for friends. Ordo's bracelets get the official Ambulance Driver Seal of Approval.

Go check out his site and order some for yourself!

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