Girsan MC1911SC Ultimate 2000 Round Challenge: Day 2

Day 2 at Blogorado was gorgeous, with a temp of 65 degrees, 15% humidity, and an elevation of 4500 feet.

I started with Magtech 124 grain FMJ, listed by manufacturer with a muzzle velocity of 1109 fps. There was a failure to fire on round #35 (#185 total) when the slide did not go fully back into battery. The failures to lock the slide back on empty persisted randomly between magazines.

Next was Magtech 147 gr JHP, muzzle velocity 990 fps. There was a failure to eject (a classic stovepipe) on round #8 (#208 total), magazine #1, and another on round #14 (#216 total), on magazine #2.

Aaaaaand… the friggin’ front sight blade walked out again under recoil of less than 100 rounds, despite being Loctited into place. Next step is a more robust adhesive.

Once again, thanks to the folks at Lucky Gunner for the ammo.

Lucky Gunner, for all your ammo needs.

That’s 250 rounds, with a total of 3 failures to eject and 2 failures to fire. 1750 rounds to go.

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