Girsan MC1911SC Ultimate 2000 Round Challenge: Day 3

Day 3 at Blogorado was a bust. The front sight blade fell off again, despite being affixed with Permatex liquid gasket. My theory was that a Superglue bond would be too brittle, and that liquid gasket, being a bit more flexible, would stand up to recoil better.

No dice. After curing for a couple of hours (which may not have been enough), the sight walked out of its dovetail after only 50 rounds. To make matters worse, the red dot optic lost its zero early on, so I was reduced to shooting “minute of berm” for the rest of the morning.

A total of 70 rounds of CCI Blazer aluminum-cased 115 gr FMJ, listed at 1145 fps, was fired, with no failures of any type to report. This gun and its magazines like cheap CCI Blazer range fodder, I guess.

That’s a total of 320 rounds, with 3 failures to eject, 2 failures to fire, and a couple of annoying parts breakages. A call will be made to EAA about addressing those issues in the production run.

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