Kilted to Kick Cancer for Star Trek Fans

In a recent post, Ross challenged me thusly:

"OK, Kelly… how much would it take for you to pose wearing your kilt… and a red shirt, complete with proper insignia (a la Star Trek TOS)?"

I ordered one of these shirts from ThinkGeek, in expendable red, of course. Cost right at $36 with shipping.

So Ross, I figure the bidding starts at $100. You don't have to come up with all the money yourself. Find some fellow donors. Donate to my PCF or LiveStrong links in honor of "Star Trek," and email me a copy of your donation receipt. When we reach $100, I'll put up a pic of myself in the redshirt and kilt.

When we reach $250, I'll post a pic of myself Photoshopped into a landing team photograph.

In the unlikely event that we reach $500 in Star Trek donations, I'll leave that pic up for an entire year.

So Ross, whaddaya say?

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